Plastic protectors for fruit trees

Maintaining 100% of production is a real challenge for growers, especially fruit tree protectors are among the most demanded in the sector due to the fragility of certain crops in the face of inclement weather.

But… how do we choose the best tree protection for fruit trees? In Agralia we strive to offer the technology that best adapts to each crop, thus AGRICOVER protectors have arisen, a specific product for each situation.

Benefits of plastic and protective meshes for fruit trees

In addition to getting the most out of the crop, we get adequate protection against birds, being in many areas the anti-bird nets for fruit trees the most requested.

Furthermore, it is important to have anti-hail nets, since in summer these sudden storms can be a great aggravation for farmers.

In the case of Agralia’s tree covers, each model has an added value that makes it one of the most attractive products on the market for its durability, resistance, UV filtering and technical features that we invite you to see in each model.

AGRICOVER FTT. Protects from rain and hail.

AGRICOVER L. Designed to protect the sides of greenhouses.

AGRICOVER R . High resistance, protects even the most fragile crops such as red fruits.

AGRICOVER U. Specially designed for table grape crops

AGRICOVER PS. Sunscreen for cover crops

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