Fruit tree protection covers to protect fruit from rain, as well as trees and foliage from hail.

Producing the necessary percentage of diffuse light to avoid excess heat under the cover, improving fruit firmness and providing better color.
Protecting effectively fruit from rainwater, preventing cracking and color damage.

Cherries, grapes, pomegranates, apples, plums, fruits in general.

Since it is laminated on both sides, it does not allow dust to enter the fabric and, by maintaining more light transmission for a longer period of time, it improves the photosynthesis of the plant, the color and firmness of the fruit.

It is supplied completely ready-made. It has different reinforcements, both at the central level for direct hanging and at the lateral level, which duplicate the fabric and the rings for an easy installation and movement when spreading or folding.


Highly resistant cover for greenhouse sides.

It protects the crop from the wind as well as from the entry of both animals and people. Due to its high resistance it does not cut or break easily.

Cover for greenhouse sides.

Daily use such as spraying, harvesting, transport of boxes and tools, etc., regularly causes damage to the sides of greenhouses, as well as the use of curtains that are opened or closed many times during the year. Due to its manufacturing system, AGRICOVER L drastically reduces this damage.

The resistance to tearing by traction or by puncture of AGRICOVER L, is several times greater than conventional plastics.

As it is plasticized on both sides, it does not accumulate dust on the fabric and is easily washable. In the manufacturing process, additives are used to protect the fabric from UV radiation, which ensures many years of useful life and a high return on investment, since it is not necessary to change the sidewalls regularly, and the labor costs involved are saved.


Plastic fabric cover for ceilings.

It protects the crops without the risk of breakage, since its weaving system, together with its lamination, provides greater resistance than traditional films.

Vegetables, red fruits (berries), ornamental plants and flowers, propagation nurseries.

It is manufactured with virgin high density polyethylene film, with mono molecule orientation that confers a very high resistance. It is woven and laminated on both sides to obtain absolute impermeability and guaranteed transparency. Its resistance is higher than the classic low density plastic.

The high tensile strength and the weaving system prevents the cover from tearing in case of perforation.

When used for tunnels, it can be sewn to insect-proof or windbreak nets, without causing any damage to the product.


Cover specially made with rings and reinforcements for easy installation.

It keeps the night temperature higher, which induces faster crop development.

The bud analysis shows that the crop covered with AGRICOVER U has a high productive potential for the following season. It achieves high photosynthesis due to its high total light transmissivity, demonstrated by independent laboratory analysis results.

Improve grain quality, weight and diameter.

Table grape, either grown in vineyards or on trellises.

AGRICOVER U incorporates a reinforcement in the central area and a lateral hem, which doubles the already high resistance of the cover, to tie the lashing bands.

Its extraordinary strength allows the installation and the mechanized collection. It is very light and its strength is several times higher than that of low density polyethylene films.

It is protected against UV radiation from the sun and against agrochemical protectors, with additives formulated and supplied by prestigious European manufacturers.


Shade screen for covers

Agricover PS, by blocking the incidence of UV radiation, extends the life of the covers used in fruit and grape farming, frost protection, rain protection and temperature and grape regulators, increasing the profitability of their use.

Cherries, grapes, plums, pomegranates, kakis, etc.

The investment in covers to protect plants is relatively high, and their useful life is reduced due to high UV radiation.

Once their use is over, which is generally a few months, they are left outdoors until they are used again the following season.

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