Greenhouse plastic sheeting

Crop preservation is one of the issues that most concern farmers and agricultural producers, so one of the best ways to ensure that most of the production goes ahead is to protect the land with greenhouse plastic sheeting.

In Agralia we have plastics for greenhouses designed to be up to 12 times more resistant to traction, puncture or impacts than common plastics or other alternatives in the market. All this thanks to being pioneers in research, development and constant innovation of our products.

Agricultural Plastics

Having an excellent supplier is the vision of Agralia, we care about the needs of farmers, so we have created plastics for greenhouses that not only protect your crops, but also in the long run is a saving in price.
In particular, we highlight two models of the Agricover range:

AGRICOVER L. Often when spraying, after accidental shocks or the passage of time the greenhouses suffer damage, having to change them much earlier. With this model and thanks to its manufacturing system, these damages are reduced, giving your cover a much longer life time.

AGRICOVER R. Manufactured with high density polyethylene, with total impermeability, transparency and above all great resistance. A safe bet to cover the roof of your greenhouse.

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