Agralia presents Agrifresh, the thermal screen with aluminum microparticles.

Agralia, a Spanish agrotextile company dedicated to crop protection for more than 40 years, has always made innovation one of its main strengths. The constant search for solutions to the needs of farmers around the world has led to the development of new and cutting-edge products like Agrifresh, the thermal screen with aluminum patented by … Read more

Use of AGRICOOLER® to improve chilling accumulation in cherry trees.

The cold of winter is essential for perennial plants in cold areas, while deciduous plants prevent cold damage by entering in dormancy or winter dormancy. A certain amount of chill hours is needed to end this stage of winter dormancy. This is called chilling requirement. Winters with warm days, with a low chilling accumulation, generate … Read more


When fruit trees or vine arbors are covered, either with meshes or with plastic covers, the microclimate changes that occur can be positive or negative. Everything will depend on the technical qualities of the chosen cover and on the following management of the crop and the cover. AGRALIA, in its permanent search for new and … Read more

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