When fruit trees or vine arbors are covered, either with meshes or with plastic covers, the microclimate changes that occur can be positive or negative. Everything will depend on the technical qualities of the chosen cover and on the following management of the crop and the cover.

AGRALIA, in its permanent search for new and innovative technologies that help to continuous improvement in the production management of the fruit business, develops AGRICOVER®.

Within PAR radiation range, AGRICOVER® achieves to increase transmittance in the wavelengths from 625 to 800 nm at ratios of 86 % to 90 %, essential to increase photosynthesis. The polymers that form it maintain light transmission over time, losing a maximum of 1.5 to 2% annually. In addition, light diffusion produced by AGRICOVER® transforms the natural direct light that reaches directly the foliage into diffuse light. This allows lighting up the areas of the plants that otherwise would be in shade, increasing the efficiency of net photosynthesis and providing uniformity in the development of plants and in the fruit ripening. Thanks to the level of diffused light produced by AGRICOVER®, which is adapted to every need in its manufacture, a uniform temperature is achieved, which also allows a water and fertilizer saving of 25 %-30 % that reduces the evapotranspiration.

Light diffusion, and therefore radiation diffusion, prevents the excessive heating of the upper part of the plant because it spreads the radiation evenly, improving the firmness, the color and the sugar content in fruit.

AGRICOVER® T has an 86,2 % average blockage of IR of long wave, which reduces considerably the effect of thermal inversion and keeps the mass; soil plant, water; under the cover at a higher temperature than the surrounding air, providing an antifreeze effect by blocking the loss of long wave infrared radiation. This effect accelerates the development processes of the plant and therefore the precocity, bringing forward the harvest by 4 or 10 days, depending on the geographical area and the variety. As the leaf is kept at a higher temperature than the air under AGRICOVER® T (thermal), there is no condensation of water drops on the leaves, and therefore, the risk of cryptogamic diseases and pseudomonas infections is reduced.

AGRICOVER© is a fabric that is laminated on both sides, which allows the cover to have more passage of light for a longer period of time. In fabrics laminated on one side, dust and humidity penetrate between the strips of the fabric on the non-laminated side, causing shading due to the loss of transmittance. A research conducted at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (known by its initials in Spanish, UPC) using a computer program that reproduces a virtual wind tunnel has shown that AGRICOVER®, when properly installed, can withstand wind shocks of up to 120 km/h and can therefore be used in particularly windy areas.

AGRALIA® continues to research and patent new solutions to the agro-climatic problems faced by the modern farmer and together with its agrotechnical team analyze the needs of the crops and offer the ideal material; both technical and economical. AGRICOVER® FTT is used in fruit trees such as apple trees, plum trees and fruits in general. For table grapes, AGRICOVER® U TQ is developed, which is very light and its resistance is several times higher than that of low density polyethylene films. It is protected against UV radiation, agrochemicals and frost, with additives specially formulated for AGRALIA® and supplied by prestigious European manufacturers.

In short, AGRICOVER® is the ideal solution to protect cherry trees and other fruit trees, as well as table grapes, from rain, frost and hail, and it reduces cracking problems and diseases. With the correct management and the agrotechnical advice of AGRALIA®’s agrotechnical team, it is possible to achieve a better development of the plants by improving the firmness of the fruit and the sugar content and guaranteeing a higher profitability of your crops.

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