Antihail nets

Inclement weather is one of the major concerns of growers and professionals dedicated to crops and orchards. Hail in particular is responsible for the loss of crops in many areas, since storms are often sudden and difficult to predict accurately.

To mitigate the effects, anti-hail nets have been created, a necessary investment for many professionals. Agralia’s anti-hail nets are made of high density polyethylene monofilament yarns, thus slowing down the impact and protecting your crop, vineyard or orchard.

For which crops is an anti-hail nets recommended?

Anti-hail nets for fruit trees

Fleshy fruits such as peaches, apples, pears, cherries or loquats are fruit trees that are particularly sensitive to hail.

Anti-hail nets for vineyards

Agralia’s nets are especially useful for vineyards because they also protect from birds and reduce the radiation of the sun’s rays thanks to their UV protection.

We have the necessary products to protect your crops from hail, sun or wind. We invite you to visit our models.

AGRISAFE AGL . Protect your crops from hail with this net made of leno fabric.

AGRISTOP MAP . Anti-bird net of low weight and high resistance.

AGRISAFE AGR . It is a very easy to assemble mesh, high resistance and protects both from hail and from sunscald.

AGRISAFE CV . Windbreak net, prreventing damage due to friction of the branches, achieving a more profitable harvest.

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