Monofilament mesh for protection against harmful insects.

AGRISTOP AIN insect mesh prevents certain insects from entering the crop.

Insects such as thrips and whiteflies can transmit viruses to the crop.

Other insects such as aphids, leafminers and moths, besides transmitting possible diseases, also cause damage to leaves, flowers and fruits.

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, carnations, roses, gerbera daisies, etc

The uniformity of the monofilament yarn, achieves a tight weave and uniformly sized holes, which ensures the barrier effect to each type and size of insect.

AGRALIA®’s quality control system provides the grower who uses AGRISTOP AIN with the security of protection for his crop and his investment.

The UV protectors and stabilizers guarantee a very long life to AGRISTOP AIN.


Anti-bird net

AGRISTOP MAP, thanks to its high porosity, allows the wind to pass through, although with high speed winds it is able to attenuate them. The shade produced is negligible and does not harm any crop.

Grapes on vine arbors, in Californian conduction or trellising. In strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, either in ventilated macro tunnels or in open field. All types of fruit trees and in seed germination nurseries.

The low weight and high resistance allow low-cost installations. In addition, its long life time provides a return on investment allowing a long term amortization. The elasticity and high strength of the MAP MR chain link model dampens strong winds and storms, preventing breakage and damage to structures.


Anti-pollination meshes

AGRISTOP AP, due to the size of the hole, prevents the passage of pollinating insects in crops where fertilization and seed formation are to be avoided.

Citrus, especially in the cultivation of seedless mandarin varieties.

Its low weight allows the net to be installed directly on the trees during the flowering season.

Due to its high resistance to breakage by traction or impact, it can be installed and uninstalled several times.

Its long life makes the investment profitable and allows a quick return on investment.

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