Anti-insect netting

One of the threats that we find in the production of certain crops is the appearance of insects. Certain types of insects can transmit diseases to plants or damage leaves, fruit or even reduce production by a high percentage.

Agralia’s anti-insect nets are the ideal product to avoid insect pests such as thrips, moths or whiteflies, allowing the use of less pesticides in the crop and without damaging the ventilation of the plants, thanks to its perfect porosity for this purpose.

Benefits of anti-insect nets

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Agralia’s anti-insect nets have uniform measurements, forming a complete barrier for any type of insect.

They are highly resistant to impact and breakage, so they last longer than other nets thanks to their monofilament yarn.

Agralia has designed two unique products: AGRISTOP AIN anti-insect net and AGRISTOP AP anti-pollination net.

AGRISTOP AIN. Recommended to protect crops such as tomatoes, peppers, melons, gerberas, zucchini and others. Protection and resistance.

AGRISTOP AP . Low weight, very resistant and durable anti-pollinator netting.

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