Cover for table grapes

Cover for table grape. AGRICOVER U, the protection that you need for your table grapes

When you use any type of cover on fruit trees, whether meshes or covers, the changes can be positive or negative. Everything will depend on the technical qualities of the chosen cover and on the following management of the crop and the cover.

AGRALIA, in its permanent search for new and innovative technologies that help to continuous improvement in the production management of the fruit business, develops AGRICOVER U©.

AGRICOVER U © achieves a light transmission rate of 86 %-90 % between 600-800 mm, which are the essential wavelengths required for photosynthesis. The polymers that form it prevent the rapid transmission loss.

Diffuse Light

In addition, the light diffusion produced by AGRICOVER U © transforms the natural light that reaches directly the foliage into diffuse light.

This allows lighting up the areas of the plants that otherwise would be in shade, increasing the efficiency of the net photosynthesis and providing uniformity in the development of the plants and in the fruit ripening.

The high level of diffuse light produced by AGRICOVER U © allows a water and fertilizer saving of 25 %-30 % that reduces the evapotranspiration.

Light diffusion, and therefore radiation diffusion, prevents the excessive heating of the upper part of the plant because it spreads the radiation evenly, improving the firmness, the color and the sugar content in fruits.

AGRICOVER U © has an 86,2 % average blockage of IR of long wave and this considerably reduces the effect of thermal inversion, keeping the air mass under the cover at a higher temperature than the surrounding air, providing an antifreeze effect by blocking the loss of long wave infrared radiation.

This accelerates the development processes of the plant and therefore the precocity, bringing forward the harvest by 4 or 10 days, depending on the geographical area and the variety.


AGRICOVER U ©, which is very light and its resistance is several times higher than that of low density polyethylene films, is protected from the UV radiation emitted by the sun and from agrochemical protectors used in the cultural practices of this crop like the use of sulfur, with formulated additives supplied by prestigious European manufacturers.

In addition, AGRICOVER U © is made-to-measure according to the requirements of the farmers and it can also be collected during the winter and covered with a shade cloth more resistant to the UV radiation that guarantees its durability over time.

In conclusion, AGRICOVER U © is the ideal solution to protect table grape crops and other fruit trees, protecting them from rain, frost and hail, and preventing fruit cracking. With the correct use and the agrotechnical advise of Agralia is possible to achieve a better development of the plants, improving the firmness of the fruits and the sugar content that guarantees a bigger profitability of your crops.


Our agrotechnical team analyzes the crop needs, studies the different solutions, manufactures and offers the ideal material, both technically and economically.

Our agrotechnical advisors and distributors have been accompanying farmers and advising them on the use of technical inputs for several decades.

Agralia, in association with different manufacturers, has developed new products and improved many of the already existing products on the market.

Agralia continues to research and test new solutions to the agro-climatic problems faced by modern farmers.

Agralia products improve the farm profitability, reduce risks and provide greater safety for farmers.

If you want to protect your crops, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to know your needs:

Contact Barcelona – Spain:, +34 935 113 167

Contact Maule – Chile:, +56 950 491 806

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