Photo selective nets of monofilament yarn


Photo selective nets of monofilament yarn or raffia tapes, manufactured with pigments of high resistance to solar radiation.

Physiologists have shown that the manipulation of the light spectrum on plants modifies their behavior. The colors red, yellow and blue increase the photosynthetic efficiency of the plant and also influence its morphogenic processes. Red and yellow increase leaf and fruit surface and advance flower induction. Blue color compacts leaf and fruit surface and delays flower induction.

Vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, fruit trees.

Larger size and improved fruit coloration significantly improve economic yield.

The increase in root mass allows greater nutrient assimilation, and therefore greater dry matter weight.

In ornamental plants, the blue color compacts and improves aesthetics.


Photo selective nets that change the range and the quality of light.

It transforms a large part of the direct light into diffuse light and illuminates shaded areas, thus increasing photosynthesis.
Direct light causes damage such as leaf burn and sunburn on fruit, as well as pollen dehydration and, as a consequence, pollination deficit.

The diffused light achieved by Agricolor Nácar produces a homogeneous temperature and lighting in the plant. Fruits ripen more uniformly.

Fruit trees, flowers, nurseries, tomatoes, etc.

AGRICOLOR NACAR is achieved with special additives introduced in the monofilament yarn in the raffia. More diffused light achieves higher quantity and better quality of the final product and, therefore, the profitability of the crop.

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