Shade meshes

Shade meshes are specially designed to protect crops from direct sunlight, to dose the amount of light reaching the plants and to control temperature more efficiently.

This provides better results in crop development.

Uses of Shade Meshes

We can use shade meshes in greenhouses, improving the growing conditions of some specific plants as well as protecting workplaces that are exposed to the sun for long hours.

Another common use of shade meshes is the protection of livestock, in some geographical areas during the hottest seasons temperatures can reach temperatures that affect the animals, with this simple action a shade structure is built for their protection.

We are manufacturers of innovative shade meshes

In Agralia, we have a strong commitment to innovation and the development of more efficient agrotextile products for farmers and producers. This value allows us to offer you shade meshes with a great durability, avoiding the need to change your nets every few years.

AGRISHADE. This is a highly durable mesh, perfect for greenhouses or outdoors.

AGRIFRESH MT. Shade mesh made of aluminum, which reduces heat radiation and improves crop quality. It is a patented product.

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