Agricultural Thermal Cover

When the thermal conditions of the environment are not the most suitable for the development of fruits, vegetables or any other crop, it is common to resort to agricultural thermal covers in order to keep this production safeguarded.

We can find thermal covers that increase or maintain the heat of the crops, protecting against frost or cold that hinders the proper growth of the plant. On the other hand, we also have temperature reducing nets such as AGRICOOLER.

Advantages of Agralia's Thermal Covers

The main advantage of this type of crop protection is to help the growth of the plant in environments where its survival would be lower. One of the fruit trees for which this type of mesh is designed is the cherry, which needs certain hours of cold for its proper growth.

Why use agricultural thermal meshes?

Its benefits are many, as we have exposed, although undoubtedly this type of temperature reducing fabric helps to achieve a better uniformity in flowering, avoiding a selection by maturity of the fruit.

Another great added value is the improvement in the quality and quantity of fruit produced by the crop, which has a direct impact on a much more profitable production.

Agralia has three models of thermal meshes:

AGRICOOLER . Designed to reduce the impact of infrared rays and improve flowering uniformity. Improves the total accumulated chill hours.

AGRIFRESH MT . Helps to optimize the net photosynthesis that the plant can perform, improving its growth and production.

AGRISAFE TNT. It is a thermal cover specially designed to protect from frost, maintaining a higher temperature than the outside.

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